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Pauline Lockie is your progressive independent Councillor for the Damun/Stanmore ward, and former Deputy Mayor of Inner West Council. She was first elected to Council in 2017. Prior to that, she was a tireless fighter for our community as a founding member of the WestCONnex Action Group.

A track record of working for you

Pauline is passionate about liveable cities, local democracy, equality and sustainable development. As you Independent Councillor, Pauline has:

  • Brought Pride Seats celebrating key LGBTIQ+ activists to the Inner West
  • Led Council's opposition to 'religious freedom' laws that threaten hard-won rights for LGBTIQ+ people, women, people with disabilities, and more
  • Worked with local businesses and creative industries to protect our main streets and industrial/creative spaces, and support our Covid-19 recovery
  • Worked for improved public and active transport, lower traffic speeds on local streets, and the completion of the GreenWay
  • Fought against the relaxation of tree protections
  • Partnered with local organisations to launch the #RacismNotWelcome campaign, Council’s first Gender Equity Strategy, and ban sales of animal fur on Council land
  • Taken action to improve our local parks and bring forward investment in roads and footpaths.

Pauline has also helped hundreds of people get the outcomes they need from Council, and remains dedicated to making the organisation and its processes more accessible to its residents.

More about Pauline

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    Urgency Motion: Food Security

    I'll be seeking to table the following urgency motion at our next Council meeting on Tuesday 9 August. This follows recent discussions I've had with Inner West Police Area Command about the rise in food theft they're seeing across the Inner West, and Addison Road Community Organisation about the sharp rise in people seeking food relief.
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    Motion: 40km/h speed limits on local streets

    Council has committed to implementing speed limits of no more than 40km/h on all local roads across our local government area (LGA) to improve safety and local amenity. However, while Transport for NSW - which must approve and implement speed limits - has provided in-principle support for this initiative, it has yet to amend the speed limit on any local road in our LGA since doing so. So at our Council meeting on 14 June 2022, I tabled the following motion to escalate this issue the Minister for Metropolitan Roads, and ask her to ensure that Transport for NSW works with Council to finally get this done - and prioritise areas for 30km/h limits where appropriate. I'm pleased to say it passed unanimously, with an additional point 4(d) added by Leichhardt ward Clr da Cruz. As ever, I'd love to know what you think.
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