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Pauline Lockie is your progressive independent Councillor for the Stanmore ward of Inner West Council. She is dedicated to making sure our Inner West remains the best place in Sydney to live, work and play.

Meet Pauline Lockie

Pauline Lockie with Mike Baird, March 2016

As a local activist, founding member of the WestCONnex Action Group and independent Councillor at Inner West Council, Pauline has been a tireless fighter for our community.

Her work has played a key role in making WestConnex as controversial as it deserves to be, and made rising discontent with the project a key factor behind Premier Mike Baird’s sudden resignation in 2017.

Due to the wide-ranging impact WestConnex is having on the Inner West, Pauline’s advocacy expanded to include issues such as public transport, sustainable cities, development, the right to protest, democratic planning, and more.

In 2016, Pauline’s advocacy for our community was recognised when she was named the Newtown electorate’s Local Woman of the Year.

Pauline is passionate about liveable cities, local democracy, equality and sustainable development. She has proven herself to be someone who is fearless about speaking truth to power, standing up to the government to protect the long-term future of our community, and supporting residents across the Inner West.

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Above right: Image created by Pauline's friends at Yarra Campaign for Action on Transport following Mike Baird's resignation.

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    Victoria Road Precinct DCP: My Council speech

    The 28 August 2018 meeting of Inner West Council saw us debate whether to adopt the revised development control plan (DCP) for the recently rezoned Victoria Road Precinct in Marrickville. Council's strategic planning and legal teams had recommended not to do this, as the contributions plan that compels developers to pay for infrastructure upgrades needs to be revised to match the new zoning. They advised that approving the DCP before this is done could leave Council facing costs of up to $50 million with limited ability to claim this from developers. The Mayor, Darcy Byrne, moved that we adopt the DCP instead, which passed after all the Labor and Liberal councillors, plus Victor Macri, supported it. Here's the transcript of the speech I made during the debate on the night, explaining why I couldn't support this, and would be voting for what our officers had recommended instead. I'm also supporting a rescission motion to overturn this decision at the next Council meeting on Tuesday 11 September. If you'd like to speak at this meeting, you'll need to register on Council's website by 2pm Tuesday. The meeting starts at 6:30pm at Ashfield Council Chambers. It's Item 18 on the agenda.
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    WestConnex inquiry submission: Cover letter

    After years of campaigning by thousands of residents, the Upper House of the Parliament of NSW has agreed to conduct an inquiry into the impact of WestConnex. My personal submission to this inquiry runs to 71 pages, and you can read the full version on the parliamentary website. Here's the much shorter cover letter, which summarises my key points.
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