Lord Mayor Clover Moore and my campaign

A few folks (including Daily Telegraph!) have been asking about links to Lord Mayor Clover Moore and how she's supporting my campaign for Inner West Council. So here's the deal.

I first met Clover in early 2015 through my work with WestConnex Action Group. It was and continues to be amazing to have her support, along with that of her Independent team and City of Sydney, in the massive battle against WestConnex.

So I was beyond stoked when Clover publicly endorsed my candidacy, and agreed to speak at Politics in the Pub: Grassroots Activism with me. I've posted all of the support she's given me, including the livestream of that event, on my social media pages and this website (because of course I would).

But there's been no financial support from Clover or her office. I haven't had a single discussion on policy with her, and I'm not running as a member of her Independent Team.

Contrary to media reports, there's not even an army of volunteers coming my way from #TeamClover. That's all being done by me and my wonderful supporters, who are going above and beyond in helping me run my campaign.

I'm proud to be your true Independent for the Inner West. And I'm pretty sure is a good part of the reason why Clover's supporting me, too.

As she said at Politics in the Pub: “When you’re not encumbered by the political parties and the vested interests that support them, it enables you that freedom to really speak the truth and do what needs to be done.”

This is what I hope to do for the people of Stanmore ward if I'm elected tomorrow. So if you want strong Independents on your Council - and you're tired of the same old party politics - my team and I will be in Group D on your ballot paper.

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