Council mergers: What next for the Inner West?

Like many Inner West residents, Pauline was appalled by the way our councils were swept aside by the NSW Government after our Liberal and Labor former Councillors defied our community’s wishes to help push the merger through.


Pauline speaking out against Council mergers at the first Inner West Council meeting, May 2016

And now that the mergers of 14 Sydney councils have been scrapped along with a slew of rural ones, many residents have been asking Pauline what this means for the Inner West Council. 

Her view is that our newly elected Council should:

  • Ask you and our community what you want for our Council’s future.
  • Make sure the NSW government supports our decision and assists with any demerger.
  • Make sure Council delivers high quality services no matter what happens.


Excerpt from minutes of Leichhardt Council meeting, Feb 2016. Source


Excerpt from minutes of Leichhardt Council meeting, Mar 2016. Source


Inner West Courier announces the deal made by Labor Mayors with the Baird government. Source


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