Radio Skid Row interview on WestConnex noise mitigation

On Thursday 16 August, I joined my fellow Inner West Council councillor Colin Hesse on Radio Skid Row to discuss the ongoing disaster that is WestCONnex - specifically, the NSW government's failure to provide proper soundproofing to residents whose homes are being impacted by noise from the tollway's construction and/or operation. Also interviewed was Kate Cotis, one of the residents who is currently fighting the government for proper noise mitigation measures.

Council voted unanimously in favour of my motion to support people like Kate who are fighting for proper noise mitigation, including advocating for individual residents who approach us for help.

If you'd like our assistance, please contact our WestConnex Unit at [email protected] with details about the WestCONnex noise issues you're experiencing, and why the noise mitigation measures you've been offered are inadequate. Please copy me on your email at [email protected] so I'm also aware of your case.

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