About the team


Meet the people who've teamed up with Pauline Lockie to give you a true independent voice on the new Inner West Council.

Ben Gaudin


Ben is a lifelong Inner West resident and father of two. As a local firefighter based in Newtown, he is committed to protecting and serving our community.

Like Pauline, Ben is dedicated to keeping our Inner West vibrant, fun, safe, healthy and fair. He believes strong independent voices are needed to make our new Council the best, most responsive and community-minded council it can be.

“I've joined Pauline’s team because she is a true community Independent - a local who is only in this because she loves her community and wants to see the best for it," said Ben.

"I admire the way she has shown time and time again that she is prepared to stand up for locals and local issues."

Jason Mountney


Jason Mountney is a 46-year-old father of two who has lived in the inner city for more than 20 years.

He has worked as a subeditor and contributor for The Sydney Morning Herald, and as a writer and editor for a large number of news and lifestyle magazines and websites. He now works for the Public Service Association, fighting the frenzied sell-it-all-now agenda of the Berejiklian Government.

Jason is highly active in his local community and is president of the P&C committee at his children's school in the Stanmore ward.

"Sharing Pauline’s desire for genuine, progressive councillors, answerable only to residents and not party machines, made joining her ballot team an easy decision," said Jason.

Away from work and politics, Jason can be found at the Cove end for Sydney FC home games – where he has been a member since the team’s first season.

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