Independent for Inner West Council

Pauline Lockie is your independent candidate for the Stanmore ward in the Inner West Council election on 9 September 2017. She is dedicated to making sure our Inner West remains the best place in Sydney to live, work and play.

By voting for Pauline Lockie, you’ll get a councillor who'll:

  • Keep fighting for our community against WestConnex. As part of the WestCONnex Action Group, Pauline has already fought tirelessly against this project. And as an independent, she’ll never be forced to choose between standing up for you, or standing with a party that supports WestConnex.
  • Push for increased childcare and public school places. Pauline is a working mum, so she knows how difficult it can be to find quality childcare in the Inner West – and how desperately new primary and high schools are needed.
  • Campaign for better active and public transport. As an experienced campaigner for sustainable cities, Pauline will oppose the unnecessary privatisation of our bus services, and push for more light and heavy rail.
  • Keep our local industries thriving. As someone who runs her own small business, Pauline is committed to supporting other local businesses, along with the creative precincts that make our Inner West unique.
  • Bring your voice back into planning. As well as promoting sustainable development, Pauline will keep fighting to bring transparency back to our planning processes, so you have a real say in what happens in your community.

Meet Pauline Lockie

Pauline Lockie with Mike Baird, March 2016

As a local activist and spokesperson for the WestCONnex Action Group, Pauline has been a tireless fighter for our Inner West.

Her work has played a key role in making WestConnex as controversial as it deserves to be, and made rising discontent with the project a key factor behind Premier Mike Baird’s sudden resignation earlier this year.

Due to the wide-ranging impact WestConnex is having on the Inner West, Pauline’s advocacy has expanded to include issues such as public transport, sustainable cities, Urban Growth’s development plans for Parramatta Road, the right to protest, democratic planning, and more.

In 2016, Pauline’s advocacy for our community was recognised when she was named the Newtown electorate’s Local Woman of the Year.

Pauline is a passionate advocate for liveable cities, local democracy, and sustainable development. She has proven herself to be someone who is fearless about speaking truth to power, and standing up to the government to protect the long-term future of our community.

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Above right: Image created by Pauline's friends at Yarra Campaign for Action on Transport following Mike Baird's resignation.

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